Course 2

Exploring High-Value Careers with Students


In this series, methods for identifying and connecting students with local high-value careers are discussed.  Career exploration tools are introduced that can be used alongside labor market information to assist in informing and preparing students for career opportunities in their communities. Each module is approximately one hour in length and concludes with a brief learning assessment. 

Module 1: Informed Career Exploration

Topic Overview
  • Goal of Career Exploration
  • Personal Factors
  • External Factors
  • Making Informed Decisions

Module 2: Identifying and Sharing Local High-Value Careers

Topic Overview
  • Incorporating LMI into Career Exploration
  • Career Clusters
  • Basic Terms and Definitions
  • Sharing High-Value Careers

Module 3: Career Pathways and Planning

Topic Overview
  • Building Career Pathways
  • Components of Effective Career Plans
  • Guiding Students Toward Employment Success

Note: You must complete Course 1 before you can begin this Series.

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